• 29: Bobby is Back. And so is Rebecca Black!

    This week on Dorm Room Dabbling, Bobby and Stephen are back. They discuss Miley’s bleached eyebrows and her twerking on Santa, Paul Walker’s and Nelson Mandela’s death, and George H.W. Bush’s socks. They also cover Rebecca Black’s new music video titled “Saturday,” and the possibility of a new Michael Jackson trial.

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  • 28

    28: Cami Is In The House!

    On this week’s episode of Dorm Room Dabbling, our friend Cami fills in for Bobby while he is out sick. Cami and Stephen talk about the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie, Noah Cyrus’ haircut, the rumor that Jennifer Lawrence will be in the new Star Wars, Justin Bieber’s hooker, and Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s […]

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  • 27

    27: The Potatoes That Look Like Channing Tatum

    This week on DRD, Bobby and Stephen cheer on the Boston Red Sox in their World Series fight. They also discuss Macaulay Culkin riding a Zonkey in Mexico, Facebook’s drop in popularity, the potatoes that look like Channing Tatum, the poem that got a football player kicked off the team, and a follow up to the […]

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  • 26

    26: Find Out Who Died In Your House

    On episode 26 of Dorm Room Dabbling, Bobby and Stephen sit down to discuss Bieber’s recent trip to Houston where he got a little too close to a stripper and was seen drinking a beer! Also on the show: Kelly Clarkson & Danielle Fishel both get married, a new website lets you see who died […]

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  • 25

    25: Sheryl Crow is a Snitch, Madagascar is Dying, and Rabbis are Kidnappers

    On this weeks Dorm Room Dabbling, Stephen and Bobby talk about the black plague that is killing people in Madagascar, the expensive stroller that Kim Kardashian bought, the Ribbis who kidnapped and beat people’s husbands, and the waitress who got a huge tip. Alo, they discuss how Sheryl Crow told the authorities about Lance Armstrong’s […]

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  • 24

    24: Missing Fingers, Stupid Americans, and Justin Bieber’s Spanking

    On this week’d episode of Dorm Room Dabbling, Bobby is back with Stephen to talk about the week news, including the football player who lost a finger, the coach who suspended his entire team, and a mountain climber who found a valuable prize at the top. Other news included this year’s horrible SAT scores,  the […]

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  • 23

    23: iOS7, GTA V, and Nuclear Attacks

    This week on DRD, Stephen and special fill-in guest Rody about the news of the week, including the releases of iOS7 Grand Theft Auto Five. They then discuss Eminem’s childhood home that is now up for sale, Miley’s performance at the iHeart Radio Music Festival, the Emmys, Stephen King’s comments about Twilight, the Red Bull […]

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  • 22

    22: The Pope, Miley Cyrus, and Molasses

    On this week’s episode of Dorm Room Dabbling, Stephen and Bobby talk about the Pope’s new ride, Anthony Weiner’s awkward exit from politics, Prince William and Harry’s next chapters, and the new iPhone 5S and 5C. They also discuss the dad who embarrassed his daughter as punishment, Miley Cyrus’ new “Wrecking Ball” video, and the […]

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  • 21

    21: The Coconut That Rigged an Election

    In this episode of Dorm Room Dabbling, Stephen and Bobby discuss PETA’s claim that chicken wings causes small penis size in babies. Also on the show, they talk about a newspaper’s big typo, the city who’s cat-mayor was malled by a dog, the woman who was hospitalized after attempting to retrieve a stolen $5,000 from […]

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